Telemedicine provides accessibility to quality treatment plans to patients who may not have access to specialty medicine. We bring specialty medicine to your community. We help keep treatment within hands reach.


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We Specialize in Covid-19 Consultations

E-Consults can ensure the safety of staff and patients. Fast and affordable way to review cultures, medical documentation and provide recommendations, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This convenient service does not need an on-site tele-presenter or additional staff required, chart review only. This is ideal for straight forward cases requiring culture and chart review. There is no live face-to-face interaction and easy rapid go-live.

  • Triage patients with upper/ lower respiratory tract symptoms for further testing and disposition, in offsite tents
  • Avoid exposure to your facility’s most valuable resource- staff and providers
  • In-patient management, isolation, and follow-up testing
  • Additional resource to assist facility in a crisis situation

Why Coastal Telehealth Specialists?

Coastal Telehealth Specialists is here to help rural hospitals get quick access to infectious disease specialty care. Not having access to specialty medicine can cause your patients longer hospital stays or unnecessary transfers to distant hospitals. By decreasing your patient’s hospital stay we can help your hospital decrease its antimicrobial cost.

We will provide Infectious Disease Specialty Care to your hospital without the expense of hiring an on-site Infectious Diease Specialist to your hospital. Our telespecialist team will provide your hospital with quick and efficient specialist consultations. Why transfer patients to another hospital when we can provide your patients with Infectious Disease services at their bedside?

Our Infectious Disease specialist will help your hospital improve and manage nosocomial infections. We believe that patients inside the hospital should not have extended stays from infections acquired inside hospital facilities. We use the principles of Antimicrobial Stewardship in all our consultations. We help decrease antimicrobial resistance and overall antimicrobial costs.

You no longer will have inappropriate antibiotic use, patients being transferred to distant hospitals for treatment, or improper management of drug resistant pathogens. Let us help you improve your patient care.

We Specialize in Hospital Consultations

We help hospitals in rural parts of the country have access to an Infectious Disease specialist. We are here to help your hospital manage difficult infections like Staph. Aureus Bacteremia, septic shock, healthcare associated pneumonia, and drug resistant organisms. By implementing and maintaining Antimicrobial stewardship principles in every patient encounter we can help decrease improper use of antibiotics.

  • Reduce length of patient stay
  • Improve management of community acquired infections
  • Reduce unnecessary transfers due to unavailable specialist care
  • Infections associated with intravenous drug use
  • Improve management of Sepsis
  • Streamline Antimicrobial stewardship activities
  • Manage and improve treatment of drug resistant pathogens
  • Implement molecular diagnostic methods for rapid identification of infectious pathogens

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