8 Telemedicine Facts That Many Will Find Surprising

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8 Telemedicine Facts That Many Will Find Surprising

telemedicine facts

Talk of making a visit to the doctor from an individual’s own living room by the use of video software would have seemed just a few years ago like a scene out of a science fiction movie. And as telemedicine continues to become more popular in many circles, for some individuals the subject is still nothing more than the source of head scratching. The following is 6 telemedicine facts pertaining to its beneficial nature that might surprise many that are not in the know already.

Increased Access To Healthcare

Travel time and distance can often become reasons for individuals to forego needed trips to the doctor. Telecare effectively eliminates these barriers to health care and is of special benefit to patients that live in a rural area or are from communities that are traditionally medically underserved.

Improved Quality For Delivery Care

Early studies are beginning to paint a clear picture regarding the ability of telemedicine to greatly improve the quality of healthcare delivery. This improved quality of care has shown itself in a number of ways:

  • A decline in hospital admissions of 38%
  • A decline in hospital re-admissions of 31%
  • Patients were 63% more likely to experience shorter stays in the hospital
  • Patients were more engaged in the healthcare process

Lower Cost Of Healthcare

The improved efficiency caused by the telehealth industry causes it to become much less expensive to provide adequate care to each patient. The patient themselves also save money by not having to pay travel expenses to see their physician or specialist. The savings are even extended due to the shorter hospital stays experienced by patients utilizing telehealth services. One recent study showed that inpatient care costs for these patients were 19 percent lower than traditional patients.

Provides Support To Traditonal Practices

It is necessary to foster good relationships between patients and doctors to assure that high-quality healthcare is delivered. Telemedicine should be used to support this mission, and not as a tool to replace traditional doctor-patient relationships. Many doctors are reaping the benefits of still seeing their patients in-office when necessary while enjoying the flexibility of visiting with them remotely whenever the need arises.

Available To Mental Health Patients

The benefits of telehealth are not just available to patients when dealing with physical ailments. Counseling for mental health issues is also available via video software for patients that are dealing with a variety of issues associated with their mental and emotional health.

Employers Are On Board

Many of the larger employers have been quick to include telemedicine services in their company’s benefits package. This is because the telemedicine method of healthcare delivery results in fewer sick days for employees and less missed work due to appointments with the doctor.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

People love convenience. Telemedicine brings this to patients and it makes the process of maintaining their own health more simple for them. The ability to have flexible, real-time conversations with providers keeps patients happier and more engaged.

Improved Provider Satisfaction

The job of a healthcare provider can be trying at times. Telemedicine can better help providers balance their work and family life by making it much more convenient for them to meet with patients.


The popularity of telemedicine with both patients and providers assures that this new method of healthcare delivery is not only here to stay but will continue to expand in scope as more individuals are made aware of this option. The six telemedicine facts discussed in this article are a big reason that this industry is no longer relegated to the imagination of science fiction writers.

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