About Us

About us

Our Infectious Disease team has been providing quality health care in Northeast Florida for over 17 years. We saw a need to reach the rural communities 3 years ago when we started providing Telehealth services to rural Georgia Hospitals. We want to help areas of rural America receive Infectious Disease treatment for their patients.

Coastal Telehealth Specialists help rural hospitals, nursing homes, health departments, prisons and other facilities that lack staffed specialty doctors. We use state of the art technology to treat patients. Our CEO and medical doctor, Dr. Vivek Manikal saw the need for Infectious Disease providers early on. Dr. Vivek Manikal has served his community for 17 years and is bringing those same sought-after skills to rural communities near and far.

Our mission

Coastal Telehealth Specialists does all it can to provide exceptional Infectious Disease services to rural communities near and far. We believe that every patient deserves proper treatment and care. We believe accessibility to medicine is imperative to all people. We believe that all patients are to be treated fairly, with compassion, and with awareness. We believe each patient’s case is unique and each plan requires attention and prompt care. Our team is dedicated to creating a comprehensive plan for each patient. We diligently work with hospitals on plans and goals to decrease the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Our team believes that all communities should have access to all specialists.