How Telehealth Devices Complement Virtual Care Appointments

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How Telehealth Devices Complement Virtual Care Appointments

Telehealth Devices

Today, a growing number of people are choosing virtual care over making an in-person visit to their doctor’s office. They appreciate the convenience of getting quality medical care without the hassle of driving to their doctor’s office and waiting to be seen. Telehealth devices such as thermometers, otoscopes, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and imaging equipment complement virtual medical appointments in a variety of ways. Consider a few examples.

Accurate Information Provided by the Patient

In the past, a virtual doctor’s appointment consisted of a patient describing his or her condition to the doctor. The doctor would look at the patient’s file containing medical data collected in previous visits. He or she would also ask the patient questions about symptoms. The patient may or may not be able to clearly describe the issue to the doctor. So, the doctor may not have enough information to make an accurate diagnosis. Now, telehealth tools used during a virtual doctor’s visit allow the doctor to receive and examine accurate, current data from a patient. This information contributes to a doctor’s ability to make the correct diagnosis and start the patient on the right type of treatment.

Doctors Receive a Complete Picture of a Patient’s Condition

Telehealth tools add to the detailed picture of a patient’s condition. Every piece of data gets a doctor closer to making the correct diagnosis and gets the patient a step closer to wellness. In addition, if a patient is receiving virtual care for a chronic condition, the doctor can use the data obtained via telehealth devices to accurately track the individual’s condition. Medications and treatment can be adjusted according to the data delivered to the doctor by these devices.

Taking a Closer Look

The growing number of telehealth tools includes imaging equipment. This type of equipment can zoom in on areas of the body to give the doctor a clear, precise view of the issue. These images help the doctor make a diagnosis or advise the patient to take further tests to pinpoint exactly what is going on. With each year, there are advancements in this type of imaging technology giving patients even better treatment as time moves on.

Patients Enjoy More Privacy

The use of telehealth tools during a virtual doctor’s appointment allows a patient to enjoy more privacy. The data travels from the patient to the doctor without a third party involved such as a nurse or medical assistant. Patients feel more free to talk about sensitive topics or issues with the doctor without another person present during the appointment. No one else is involved in taking a patient’s personal medical data.

A Time-Saver for Both Patient and Doctor

Telehealth tools can save time for both the patient and the doctor. The patient doesn’t have to drive to the doctor’s office to have his or her vital signs taken and recorded by a nurse. A patient’s blood pressure and temperature can be taken at home. That data is seen by the doctor via this medical technology. Also, a patient’s heart rate, ears, eyes and throat can be examined by a doctor from a remote location using telehealth tools. Because all of this data and more can be taken during a virtual appointment at a patient’s home, the doctor is able to examine it and make a diagnosis in an efficient, time-saving way.

Lastly, with the development of more telehealth devices, patients will be able to receive excellent service while enjoying the convenient aspects of virtual care.

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