Nursing Home

The costs associated with chronic illnesses and individuals in nursing homes increase every year. These residents often have a number of problems that stretched staff members cannot always attend to. Telehealth helps to reduce costs and allow for these people to be seen on a regular basis. A particular room can be set up in an assisted living facility that is entirely dedicated to telehealth. This room may be fitted with numerous cameras, screens, and high-quality microphones to capture audio. Patients can be instructed on how to take and send their own vital signs. The information can be sent immediately to the telehealth practitioner.

Telehealth helps assisted living facilities overcome many of the hurdles of leaving the facility. Employees no longer need to worry about how they will load up vehicles and transport frail individuals. They have more time to spend at the facility helping out patients. Telehealth professionals appear on screen and are trained to help individuals without personally visiting them.

These professionals are also adept at handling microbial issues that arise with residents of assisted living facilities. Patients in assisted living facilities sometimes are not familiar with the highest standards of antimicrobial care. They may have open wounds or sores that are particularly susceptible to infections. Some individuals do not have the strength to clean their own surfaces. That is where telehealth professionals can step in and perhaps save the lives of assisted living facility residents. A telehealth professional may have a consultation with a nursing home resident where they ask the resident to share steps they are taking to mitigate microbe growth. This consultation may involve pictures of their living space. The telehealth professional can then take that information and deliver it to assisted living facility staff. Employees will use that information to mitigate microbe growth for their residents. In that case, residents will be able to enjoy cleaner surroundings while nursing homes have fewer infections.