Rural Telehealth

How Telehealth Services Can Support Rural Hospitals
January 2, 2018

Rural Telehealth


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Some of you may ask, why is Telemedicine so important for treatment of Infectious Diseases? Utilizing Telemedicine technology can bridge the gap between the rural and medically underserved communities and patient care. Infectious Disease Telemedicine has also decreased the overuse of antibiotics and has shortened hospital stays. We hospital readmissions based on hospital acquired infections or the misuse of antibiotics. Telemedicine allows for Coastal Telespecialists to help increase patient satisfaction, increase patient care, and improve patient compliance.

Throughout this article you can see how patient compliance and accessibility increases with the use of Telemedicine. As infectious disease specialists, we can reach rural hospitals that would have to transfer patients to distant hospitals for specialty care. We can reach rural nursing home facilities and follow our patients from the hospital bed to the rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility. We can help manage infectious diseases throughout the prison system. These types of rural facilities often lack Infectious Disease Specialists and often lead to transferring patients for treatment.

Read this great article below regarding Telemedicine and Infectious Disease Specialty Care.
Infectious Telemedicine Article

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