Why Video Visits are a Great Option for Urgent Care

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July 11, 2018
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Why Video Visits are a Great Option for Urgent Care

Urgent Care

When individuals aren’t feeling well, they may pick up the phone to schedule an appointment with their primary care physicians. However, they may learn that no one is available to see them that day. While some situations do warrant a trip to the emergency room, a number of medical conditions aren’t that serious. Therefore, people choose to go to an urgent care facility. No longer must individuals necessarily travel to the practice. Instead, they can opt for video visits. Some may have skepticism about an appointment with a medical professional through the video. However, prior to judging the process, consider the many benefits of video visits.

Treat Conditions

When you first think about video conferencing as a way to meet with the doctor, you may wonder how you could possibly be diagnosed through a computer. Consider all of the advances that have been made possible because of technology. Doctors have the ability to treat a variety of conditions through this system. After all, you will be describing your symptoms and the doctor can see you. You may also wonder how you could get a prescription if that type of treatment is necessary. Keep in mind that the doctor’s office can simply call in the prescription for you or electronically send it over to the nearest pharmacy.

Eliminate Time in the Waiting Room

You may find yourself often hesitant to go to the doctor, and one of the reasons for this hesitation could be the perceived amount of time that you’ll spend in the waiting room. When you aren’t terribly sick and still have to attend to your daily tasks, such as going to work or class, time wasted in the waiting room is a problem. Also, you may worry about the additional diseases that you or your children could pick up while you’re waiting to be seen by the doctor. If you meet with the doctor through a video conference, you need not worry about such issues.

Keep the Day Simple

For some people, getting out of the house to drive to the doctor doesn’t add any additional hassle to their days. However, for you, actually going to the doctor might be a problem, especially when the kids are home from school. Instead of packing everyone up in the car, you might just skip out on getting the necessary treatment for your health. When you do not need to hire a babysitter and can rely on telehealth, this worry is diminished.

Provide Greater Access to Care

The need to hire a babysitter is only one of the reasons why people might not be able to go to a physical urgent care location. Not everyone drives, and having to take public transportation when you’re not feeling well can make the problem even worse. Also, individuals who struggle with social anxiety may feel much more comfortable receiving treatment from the comfort of their homes. Telehealth can also prove quite useful for people who are home-bound or who are experiencing temporary mobility issues. The opportunity for doctors and patients to connect through videos is one that can seriously increase the number of people who get care.

Make a Healthier World

People have a host of reasons why they do not want or like to go to the doctor, and many of these issues can be resolved when individuals decide to use video conferencing as a way to meet with the doctor. For example, consider your own reason for sometimes not scheduling appointments as quickly as you should. You may feel uncomfortable in a doctor’s office, but with a video conference, you can be comfortable on your own couch. When you go to the doctor, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to be healthier. If more people are taking this step, the world is then moving into a healthier position.

Cut Costs

If you are the healthcare provider, you have the added benefit of contributing to a healthier community without unnecessarily increasing your budget. While you will likely still have patients who want to come into the office for an actual appointment, you may also very well see that this number begins to decline. As a result, you may not need to hire any more staff members for the office. The ability to cut costs in this area means that you may have the money in the budget to make improvements around the office that can benefit patients even more. You can provide greater care at a faster speed due to the use of technology.

Urgent care facilities are popular options for many people. As a result, patients may find themselves sitting in the waiting room for a long time in order to receive treatment. Fortunately, telehealth systems have benefits to provide for both the healthcare facilities and for the patients.

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